We collected the program opportunities in Somlóvásárhely and its surrounding in order to provide a meaningful and memorable recreation for our guest.

Hiking on Somló-hill

The most beautiful points of the hill like the viewpoint of Kőkonyha, the Barát-cliff or the Saint Elaine chapel can be visited independently and can be reached by an easy walk from the Estate. 

Vineyard tour on Somló-hill

We design the program according to your wishes, we show you our most beautiful vineyards, we present you the grape and wine historical museums and the old vine-dresser houses where you can even refresh yourself with a glass of wine to feel the character of Somló as near to the terroir as it is possible.


Sümeg is situated in the lower Bakony, at the foot of Keszthely-mountain, in the connection point of Balaton-uplands and Kisalföld. The city's highlight is the castle which is one of Hungary's biggest, undamaged and most beautiful mediavel castles which awaits for guests in the whole year.


The Lake Cave of Tapolca is a unique rarity in Central-Europe. The visitors can discover the cave with boats, the cave's special climate helps to salve allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases.
Due to the central situation, it is worth to take a walk in the city centre as well.


Nagyvázsony is situated in Balaton-uplands and it is famous about its mediavel castle. Due to the restoration in the XX. century, the castle shows its most beautiful conditions again. Guests are welcomed in the whole year for different programs.


The popular art and music festival, Művészetek Völgye is organised in Kapolcs and the surrounded villages in the end of July, in every years. The festival presents cultural, music, theatrical, literary programs in cooperation with Hungarian artists. In 2017, the festival is organised between 21st of July and 30th of July.


Szigliget is a well-known settlement situated on the coast of Balaton. The most famous attraction of Szigliget is the mediavel castle. The view to the Balaton is really amazing  and due to the renovation of the castle's halls, visitors can see how the habitants of castle could live in the past.


The city of queens awaits for its visitors with a calm atmosphere. The city provides many quality, cultural and art programs in the whole year.


The city is popular because of its medicinal water. Sárvár Health- and Wellness Centre awaits for the guests during the whole year.


Hévíz is famous about its world-known medicinal water which attracts many tourists from all over the world. The recovery is ensured not only by the water but by the calm and beautiful environment also.


If you go to Pápa, take a walk in the city centre to see every attractions like the beautiful main square, the Bigchurch and the Esterházy-palace. After the city-walk, it is worth to visit the Várkert bath which was built in 2011.

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