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Kreinbacher Birtok
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A Special Night on the Estate

Let Somló charm you with its peacful silence and rustic atmosphere. Discover the lovely lifestyle of Somló countryside with a glass of champagne in your hands.

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Long stay discount

Book a room for minimum 3 nights at Kreinbacher Estate and we give you 10% discount from the price of your accommodation!


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New Year's Eve Early Bird Discount!

Celebrate New Year's Eve in exclusive environment, on Somló hill! Book your accomodation in October with a 10% discount!

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Contemporary design meets Somló

Kreinbacher Birtok Somló-hegy

Kreinbacher Birtok

Somló tells us of the passage of time from the heritage of the volcanic butte to the exceptional longevity of the wines. Time spent in any of the 15 rooms of Kreinbacher Estate can feel like a step back in time to peaceful, quiet days. 

Somló’s Kreinbacher Estate has an iconic, contemporary design, to fulfil all the needs of the modern traveller, whilst still offering that sense of distance from the hustle and bustle.

Surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable experience.

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